Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Buhay sa Bukid

It is the simplicity of life that I miss in our barrio.

Free useful things from nature --- free water,
free vegetables, fresh air and free rice from the farm.

What could be luckier or shall I say, “happier” than to be born
free and gifted with nature’s wealth?


jonathan said...

I do miss being there. I kept on thinking when you told me you will let me buy half of the land so we can be neighbours, and until now, it is in my thoughts. Tahimik, malayo sa gulo, at sariwang hangin, what more can you ask for.

aboutambot said...

I'm preparing for my retirement this early so i can stay full time na sa barrio. Tapos kapitbahay pa tayo, o kaya kahit hindi pero madalas ka sa bahay. Ok na. Welcome ka lagi sa bukid...

yccos said...

If only I am ready to retire.. But my itchy feet wont just let me stay in one place for now.. Pero when I retire, I would like to be on the same place as this :D

aboutambot said...

Hi Yccos!

Being a typical syano that I am, I make sure the our weekends be spent in barrio. To feel and smell the morning breeze, feast our eyes on green ricefields and hear the cacophony created by the crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers and frogs at night. Pero ang sarap sa pandinig ko.

jep buendia said...

Nakakamiss din talaga ang probinsya.
Dun lang ako natutulog ng maaga :)
Minsan, iniisip ko okay na din sa province, kasi parang less yung stress sa buhay... pero baka hanap-hanapin ko rin yung bilis ng takbo ng buhay saka yung polusyon dito :)